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    Projects with little technology

    Bonnie Feather

      Intel is all over the world, and Project Based Approaches are being taught as an exceptional way to teach.  However, I believe there are many projects being done in places where there is little or no technology.


      Please share your project ideas, plans, or results here.  I'm looking specifically for projects in one-computer or no-computer classrooms.  Perhaps your students must share or use other ways to communicate in their project.


      How are you doing this?


      I look forward to your ideas!



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          One of the interesting ways I've seen to adapt to little or no computers involves Twitter. Instead of using computers to tweet, there is a velcro/or pin board that students can attach their responses to and communicate with each other. It works for communicating between classes and within a class. It's not as instantaneous but it is an excellent way to teach students social media responsibility too. Someone might pin a catty remark and the teacher will be able to have a discussion with the student about whether it is appropriate. This can be followed by a whole group discussion on the ease of removal from the board, but the permanence if posted online.

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            I have been teaching a quarter of a century and about half of that was with little or no technology, yet I was still able to use a project-based approach. For example, you can do any number of design and improve (engineering) projects and science experiments with simple materials. One activity that is always a favorite is Marble Machines. Students work in teams to create a series of tracks down which a marble will successfully travel in the longest amount of time. Materials are limited to poster board, tagboard sentence strips, tape, scissors, markers, pencil, and journal. Students learn from each other, from trial and error, and from other teams, and come up with innovative ways to extend the travel time while adhering to the rules. And, without any prompting, the students invariably extend the project beyond the original parameters. We follow up with a home project: Creative Marble Machines.

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              There are a number of projects that can be created with little technology.  Students can use construction paper to design text puzzles. Mobiles, dioramas, newspapers, sculptures can also be used with little technology.