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    Twitter is My Life Line- What Happens When It Goes Down?

      Happy New Year Everyone!
      I hope the coming year brings you much  joy, relaxation, and fundamental enjoyment around the most important  events in your life in the coming new year.  One major event I am  looking forward to is our oldest son's wedding in the Caribbean in late  Spring. I am so proud of him and his beautiful finance Krissy, they are  truly meant to be together- and are so very happy. I am also pleased to  say that I am very happy in my life- with my family, work and active  lifestyle- and can't wait for the new year to bring much inspired new  learning to my everyday adventures.
      Much of my inspired educational learning  comes from my PLN of Twitter. Today as I launched my browser then  Tweetdeck to welcome the morning with familiar Twitter friends- I was  faced with the big blue whale- as this is the symbol that Twitter is  over capacity. I thought- no worries- refreshed my browser- and  relaunched Tweetdeck once again- but it happened again.  I think I cried  a little inside at this point.  How would I make it through my day  without Twitter and without even making one post, reading from my PLN to  learn from others, and responding to others to share resources or  assist them with finding possible solutions to their posed questions.  After many thoughts rushed through my head, I ached a little more inside  and thought what now?
      I did move on, - reluctantly- due to I  have many other things to due on my checklist to make progress  throughout my day, even on holiday break.  I continued to dig deeper  into my online course I am facilitating on Intel Elements: Collaboration in the Digital Classroom with 23 state leaders. I focused my questions and summary responses  around the importance of collaboration- as this is the central focus for  Module 2 of the course- how ironic- although wondering why Twitter was  still down.
      I continued to go back and refresh my  browser but with no luck and now getting an error message besides the  over capacity message. I thought- get over it and move one- just think  how much time your will have for other avenues this morning. So I did-  reluctantly again. This is why I am now crafting this blog post on my  blog to share story with all of you this AM.
      I continued to work through my next hour with digging into my Intel Teachers Engage Community and SimpleK12 Community.  Both of these learning communities are just as important as my Twitter  community.  I read through quite few new discussions, responded to  questions posed and shared some ideas, upload some support resources to  extend the learning of others, and embedded this blog reflection into a  new discussion thread as well to pose the following learning scenario  below.
      Everyone always needs a great backup  plan in life and especially as an educator  when the technology goes  down, is not working, down for maintenance (see picture to the left- as  my last view from Twitter as I refreshed the browser in-between writing)  or is blocked in your school.  What is your plan of action or  best work around when this occurs? How do you handle the stress of a  classroom full of students when the technology fails and they are  becoming restless?

      For  now- my outlet is reflection, learning from the experience and finding  possible solutions to find the positive in the not so pleasant  experiences through other online learning communities. I do not get rid  of the tools that are not working- I find a work around for the moment  or time being- I know they will come back up sooner or later. If does  not come back to working order after a week or two or the site is  disabled permanently there are a lot of choices on the Internet - that  is the beauty of Web 2.0 . Here are some other possible solutions for  you to assist you with those "Technology Hiccups" when they come your  way.
      Happy New Year everyone!