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    2011 - What a year...through the eyes of social media

      I don't know about you but social media is a great news source for me. I hear about things first through these sites. Looking back on last year what were the highs and lows (they can be technology/curriculum related or not) you remember which you read using social media sites (twitter, facebook, diggo, intel engage, etc)

      The low for me was when I read on twitter that the flip camera would no longer be produced http://www.pcworld.com/article/224939/ciscos_flip_camcorders_bite_the_dust.html because it is a tool that has changed my video usage in the classroom. My high which I saw on Intel Engage was a post/webinar about using social media in schools which began my adventure into using facebook for my library. http://engage.intel.com/message/63094#63094  Share yours....

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          Social media has had a BIG year!  It has been blamed for causing riots, breaching privacy, causing cyber-bullying and giving a voice to the insane.  On the other hand, social media has been praised for starting revolutions, promoting freedom of speech and giving a voice to the voiceless.  I was both excited and upset this year to learn that the district that I worked in was creating a face book page, but was quickly upset to discover that it was blocked at school and could only be viewed at home.  This is the year that I plan to spend more time tweeting.  I am planning to tweet a web tool each week and share how it can be aligned with Revised Blooms to promote problem based learning.

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            I don't really put a big emphasis on social media and social networking sites. Most people use them to put stuff about there personal life. instead of using them for bisiness and marketing. I would much rather get news from trusted websites government websites,or from newspapers,or from watching the news on one of the major broadcasting news shows.I seriously can't wait until the fad of social networking is recognized for what it is a trend in pop culture.

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                I get it Marie but I guess it just depends on your lifestyle. I try to cut back on expenses and one cut back for me was my subscription to the local newspaper. I read the paper online and when I can't get to the site I rely on the facebook posts from that same newspaper on the hottest stories which appear in my facebook feed. Facebook and other social networking sites provide a way for me to stay connected. If anyone is interested in jumping into the social media world to give it a try then feel free to join blancaedu in one of her twitter chats. This is the link to the recorded twitter webinar and discussion http://engage.intel.com/message/82675#82675 Tweet On my friends!