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    21st Century Classrooms in 20th Century Districts - How Can We Bridge the Gap?

      I've seen many discussions on how to find affordable technology, and how to get funding, but I have yet to find a discussion for a problem I have.  I have access to many wonderful resources that can engage my students; however, school policy keeps many of the sites blocked, or won't allow students access to mp3 players, smart phones, or other personal electronic devices during school hours. 


      Yes, I can ask my technology coordinator to unblock specific sites, and could probably get permission to let my students use their devices in my classroom for a specific project, but I'd like to hear how other districts approach this problem.  There must be a way to keep the students safe and responsible (their rationale for many of the restrictions), while at the same time bringing current resources into the school.  I'm looking for a way to get the district's administration and school board into the 21st century mindset. 


      Thanks in advance for your help!