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    Elementary, iPads and Digital Learning Day!

      It is always a little scary and a lot exciting to start a new pilot project, but we did this year. I have 2 second grade classes that have received iPads. One class is 1:1 and the other class has a 4:1 ratio.

      Of course this project just started out as a little experiment but has snowballed in size. Nothing like getting a call from your boss telling you to meet him at the superintendent's office to discuss iPads! The teachers and I have even been added to the board agenda to discuss our project with the education committee!


      The students have mainly been using their iPads with the apps but will be moving to a project based lesson incorporating the iPads. I have even paired a 2nd grade classroom with a high school classroom to work on a collaborative project. It is going to be so exciting.


      I am hoping to find a way to fit the digital learning day into both of these classrooms that have iPads. Any suggestions right off the bat?