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    Get Students Involved in Digital Learning Day

      My fourth grade team of six teachers will participate in Digital Learning Day by hosting a rotation of digital activities. Each teacher will lead a digital activity to a group of students. The students will rotate through six digital activities throughout the day. This will be a first for some of the teachers. They are excited to participate but want me to tell them what to do. I have given them suggestions and will walk them through the activities. One of the writing teachers (who is a beautiful singer) will lead uJam sessions of songs written by groups of students (ahead of time). The other writing teacher will have each class create a short digital story using content created ahead of time. Another teacher will introduce several online games. I'm still deciding what I would like to do.


      I see this day as much for the teachers as for the students. Hopefully, it will inspire the teachers to do more things digital in their classrooms.