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    Stir something up in your district for Digital Learning Day

    Bonnie Feather

      What is your school or district planning to celebrate Digital Learning Day?  Nothing, you say?  Well, stir something up!


      I have scheduled the Technology Integration specialist in my County (yes, I'm his boss...) to do a webinar on Bubbl.Us. We are inviting all of the educators in our County and throughout the state, since he works with other TIS folks in all of our counties.


      Wish us luck, and get out there and stir something up in your neck of the woods!  Participate in some of the national activities.  I'm really enjoying my daily email and I think you will, too!



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          I think that it is great that you are doing a professional learning experience for Digital Learning Day.  We all hear about these news tools and ideas, yet have little time to use, research, or play with them.  I wish we all had more time to learn more about Digital Learning!

            • Digital Learning Day February 1st!
              Bonnie Feather

              Tammy, I hope you can find some activity to join in.  You are most welcome to join the webinar!


              I find that if I can just make myself login to a webinar once in a while, it energizes me!  I usually enter reluctantly, since we are all so over-committed, but a good webinar will give you resources and examples of how to use a new tool or idea in your classroom.


              I hope others will host or join others in activities on February 1st or on other days.  Learning is good any day of the week!


              ...want to sign up for other webinars?  Here's one list, and I hope others will post suggestions to other sites with free webinars.


              By the way, if you are new to the webinar format, I'll just say you need to sit at your own computer, have speakers so you can hear, and a headset with mic is helpful if you are given microphone capability.  Usually you don't need to use a microphone since you can type in your own questions or comments. Once you register, the host sends out a link, and you just click that link a few minutes before the webinar is to begin.  It's fun! ...as we used to say to Mikey: Try it; you'll like it!



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              Bonnie Feather

              Here's the home site for National Digital Learning Day.  You can sign up for daily updates, which give you some great tips and tricks!