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    Digital Learning Day

      Hello everybody!


      Well, I love the way my 2nd grade students respond to digital technology. My latest discovery is the Ladybug software on the Innovation stations. (Last year I was in another classroom and I didn't have a IS to experiment with. So, even I had some training on it, this is my first year with an IS.) Anyway, I used the photo feature on it to show students before and after pictures of how during division you start with a big group, and you end up with smaller/equal groups. We added text and number sentences with the same software. So, I gave new examples and had pairs come and show how they solved the division problem. so now I have the before and after photos of the student's work posted as an anchor of support on our Math Bulletin board.

      So now my weekly goal is to use this software to increase student participation and motivation in more subjects.


      As a broader goal, I'd like to introduce or remind my team about this software. I'm afraid very few know about it, and those who know about it have not explored all the options is offers. So for Digital Learning Day, I'd like to propose to my team to apply their IS's a little beyond what they are using it now.




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          Good plan to get more of your team involved in using emerging technologies. Let us know how it goes.


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            In Pakistan we celebrated on    1st Feb Digital Learning Day as a culminating activity of the week long ICT  week,30G Government Schools participated in the event all the work done during the week was submitted to me and we ST's short listed the work and made two categories one for best presentations ppt was not only MS power point but use of animation  ANIMOTO was used and the other category was of Blogs teachers and students made Blogs and some teachers prepared e-chapter having links with quizzes, this was a nice sunny day and teachers and student had made DLD badges and were happy and beaming with energy. Intel Education Manager Khadija  and Government representative Qaiser Rashid who is  also our focal person gave away prizes to the winners.

            Attached are some pictures of students and teachers from the event.. Most of the participants registered on the Digital Learning day site.


            DSCN0001[1].JPGDSCN0004[1].JPG DSCN0004[2].JPGDSCN0005[1].JPG


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              Great effort. We are also planning the event to conduct in India