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    Engaging Science Students with Technology


      The concept of a Digital Learning Day rocks!


      My classroom regularly uses technology to enhance what we are learning. One of my favorite experiences involved all my students as well as all the 7th grade students at a school in Alabama. The Alabama teacher tweeted he was planning his next unit on "Cells." I quickly replied that my next unit was also cells and asked if he was interested in having our students collaborate. Our discussion progressed from Twitter to using email and Skype. We planned labs, activities, and technology experiences for students at both schools to do. Our students used Visual Ranking as a pretest. It was impressive to see students want to compare their ideas with similar age students at the other school. Our final product involved the students at both schools creating a wiki about the unit. My most impressive moment happened as I watched these middle school students carefully reading and editing information on the wiki. I was so proud of these students who checked not only spelling but grammer of their peers.


      The surprise of the event happened a year or so later. One of the students, who was now in High School, returned to talk with me. She talked about her High School experience and then said "I need to appologize!" I was shocked to hear this - she was one of the best behaved students I have taught in many years. She then related how much she enjoyed the variety of "technology experiences" she had while in my classroom. She described how much this variety of experiences helped her learn material. She complained that she did not have the same opportunities in High School. We then discussed ways she could use Technology Tools in homework and she could then show her teachers how much these tools helped her learn.