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    Engaging Students with Technology


      I have a quick and easy way to use technology to promote deeper thinking with my students during silent reading.  I circulate while they are reading looking over their shoulders at the questions and comments they have recorded in their reading logs.  When I see something I would to have shared with everyone, I ask the student to go write the item on the SMART Board.  At the end of the silent reading time, the students have contributed the questions and comments to start our discussion.  I noticed that after I began this practice students were really working to think more deeply about the selection so their work would be shared with the class.  I have also used this practice in Math with good results.

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          Bonnie Feather

          What a fabulous idea! Anyone else have great ideas to get students engaged easily?



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              Classrooms equipped with interactive whiteboards, document cameras, lecture capture and digital conferencing systems should also include an automated control system that provides a single user interface for managing all of the A/V equipment as well as lighting and environmental systems. Management software allows remote monitoring and support, as well as a way to submit help requests directly from the control system.

              Lecture capture systems also can be integrated with a classroom's automated control system so that recording is easily started and stopped, or even scheduled in advance, with no user interaction required. So as to catch the attention of the learners, wherein they are engage in using the technology. Nevertheless, teachers should manifest also the literacy of using technology so as to be followed by her/his pupils. Recorded content can be published automatically through a variety of media, integrated into an LMS and viewed from practically any device.

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              What does it mean really to be educated and literate using the 21st century classroom?