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    Smart-Board Super Bowl Math

      I teach 2nd grade at Plato Elementary. I wanted to share with you how the elementary (2nd-5th graders) work on their math skills. Each class separates students into two teams; whatever sport is going on in the U.S. at the time. No stacking the teams.  Right now it's Super Bowl time, so each team chooses a Super Bowl name; my class happens to be the Detroit Lions and the Miami Dolphins. One of our teachers here at Plato created a power point for each grade level-for each season with varies math problems that are geared for that particular grade level; for example 2nd grades' power-points are all lower level subtraction problems; 3rd grades' power-points are lower level multiplication; 4th grades' power-points are upper level multiplication and 5th grade is lower level division. The teacher loaded each classroom's power-point on their classroom computer. The classroom teacher (myself) takes a little time every day or every other day to practice their math power-points on the classroom smart-board. A couple of days before the competition; both 2nd grade classrooms have a competition to narrow it down to 2 teams instead of 4. The next day our principal comes in our classroom and monitors our competition eliminating yet another team leaving only one team to represent 2nd grade in the Super Bowl. There can only be one team per grade level. We have a date set aside in February to meet in our cafeteria, using a big screen and we have our "Super Bowl" show-down. When we start March Madness (basketball) all math problems will be a little bit more challenging. My power-points for March Madness will be upper level subtraction problems; the other grades will raise in difficulty as well. It is a wonderful way to get students involved in math and have fun learning!


      World Series-October (baseball teams) The power-points have baseball pictures in the background and music to go along (Take Me Out To The Ball Game).


      Super Bowl-February (football teams) The power-points have football pictures in the background and music to go along.


      March Madness-March (basketball teams) The power-points have basketball pictures in the background and music to go along (I believe it's Let's Get Ready To Rumble).


                                                          Jalana Kinde