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    Sssh! I'm reading

      It can be very difficult to motivate students to read. I am so excited about an event this week at my school. We use the Louisiana Young Readers Choice books http://www.state.lib.la.us/literacy-and-reading/louisiana-young-readers-choice for our summer reading. Every year students vote for their favorite book and the yearly winners are selected from student votes. This year we scheduled the election voting booths to come to our school for our voting purposes. We will have 4 booths for 2 hours for voting. We will be able to get our school data which the the math department will be using to create predictions and graphs. The fine arts classes are creating campaign posters so it has because more than just booths to vote. All month we have been encouraging our students to read some of the books before the booths show up. I checked out 5 of the books Friday so it has been so successful. I will share the results after this week.


      What are you doing in your school to encourage reading?

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          What a great idea and a good strategy to demonstrate collaboration.  Most importantly it promotes real life activities; voting.  I can see the students campaigning for their favorite title and or author and maybe even create book talks. This plays well into digital learning day.  How has this energized student readers and what was the ranking order (digital ranking tool) of genres?

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            I love this idea!

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              This is an incredible idea!


              One thing I worked on this year was having a week's worth of my language lessons being devoted to the library.  We met with the librarian, learned the layout of the library, and learned how to use the computerized card catalog.  My students now fully understand the library and take great joy in going to check out books.


              We also did an abbreviated reading log that was formatted as a bookmark in their library book.  They had to write down just one thing they learned or liked from their reading time and at the end of the week they had to discuss it with their parents and their parents gave a "grade."  It shortened the assignment in some ways, but the increased parent involvement was amazing.  It was an idea I adapted from an idea in the book Teacher-Researchers at Work.

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                  Anna - What a great activity for students to learn to love the library. I work with 6-8 grade and we do a summer orientation for our 6th graders to learn about me and the library. It is always fun! I do Love Love Love the parent involvement with the log. The parent connection is the hardest for me but I think I can learn a few tricks from you!

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                      Our community holds a Battle of the Books every year.  Kids have to read the Mark Twain Nominee books, form a group of 3-4 students and battle other groups from the neighboring towns about the books they have read.  Our librarian also rewards the kids who have read all the books with a special trip.  The kids really enjoy it, and there are some great prizes for the winners, as well as all the participants.

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                    The title of this thread reminds me of a reading program my school ran years ago...USSR or Uninterrupted Sustained Silent Reading. For half an hour once a week the entire school powered down everyone: students, teachers, secretaries, administrators, custodians sat down and read something they personally selected. This was a very long time ago when Russia was also named USSR Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, but I think its a program worth reviving. A web search brings up more information.