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    I have one laptop!

      Digital literacy is important in the classroom . Since I only have one computer, my students have to share a computer which is my computer. We have activities such as sight word games that require collaboration from all students to complete the game. Can anyone give any ideas that we can do together as a classroom using one computer?

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          Bonnie Feather

          First of all...get out there and beat the bushes for a grant!  Those $10,000 ones are not usually too hard to write and win!


          Next, a few questions for you:


          1. Do you have a projector?
          2. Do you have an interactive whiteboard?



          If you have a projector, there are many fun things you can do with one computer...project the image, and when a child needs to interact with the computer, they do it at the laptop instead of at the interactive whiteboard!


          If you do have an IWB (interactive whiteboard- such as Promethean or Smart) they can go to the board instead of the computer.


          I'm sure you'll get many ideas after you tell us the answers to the questions above!


          In the meantime, check out these sites for ideas:
















          Have fun!  I look forward to hearing about some ideas from the "team"!



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            I once had a one-computer classroom too!  Some things I remember doing are:


            • rotations-start a project and have kids rotate through the computer during the day, regular instructional activities still take place, but when one kids is done they silently signal the next and so forth so that neither the computer routine nor the regular classroom stuff is disturbed
            • double helpers-put two chairs at the computer, the teacher shows one student how to do something on the computer, then that kids goes first.  When he/she is finished they sit next to the computer to assist the second kid.  Then the second kids sits next to the computer to assist the third kid...etc. etc.
            • extended ppts/stories-use the rotation system to start a story or presentation.  On each students turn, they contribute their part and then rotate back into the room.
            • carpet theatre-postition your laptop or computer screen out into the room and put a carpet on the floor.  Move the furniture around so that you have room for some, half, or all of the class sitting close enough for you to show them what you are working on.  Sit beside the machine and use a wireless mouse to show www content or presentations to the class.  Locate some external speakers.
            • project stations/team techs-if you want to work on a more extensive technology unit or webquest, divide up the tasks into technology and non-tech tasks.  Assign one person per team to be the team tech.  Teach those kids how to do something on the computer and then have them be in charge of that activity when that group visits the computer station for their turn. The teacher then moves about the room to assist the students that are working on the non-tech portion of the unit. 


            Good luck and enjoy your one-computer classroom!


            Check out refurbs or business surpluses in your area to score a couple more machines at little or no cost.  Hospitals, banks, and other businesses sometimes look for a classroom to donate usable equipment.