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    21st Century Learning Skills

               Of all the 21st Century Learning skills which do you think is most important and why?

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          It has the seeds of profound problem-solving, major life-enhancement as well as economic self-sufficiency all rolled into one - no other skill can match that and its scale, IMHO.



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            I like collaboration.  You can't be a part of any society if you don't know how to work well with others.   Collaboration involves many other skills -- showing respect for others, having insight into differences in backgrounds, cultures, & viewpoints, while at the same time being able to clearly communicate your own ideas and contribute something worthwhile to the group.  You have to collaborate with others in school, at work, and at home.  It is definitely a lifelong skill.  

            • 21st Century Learning Skills
              Bonnie Feather

              Veronica asks us which of the 21st Century Skills is the most important (and why.)  I found an old list of these skills and attached it to this message, in case anyone would like it.  When the P21 group first began their work years ago, it was fairly easy to find a list like this.  Nowadays, I find the framework for 21st Century Skills, and not very often can I locate an actual list.


              The elegance of these skills is that they work so well to support one another.  I am not certain the whole framework would be as strong if any one of them were missing.  That said, I agree that collaboration is certainly among the most important because it builds on the others and also furthers the other skills.


              Each time I review this list, I am struck by the ways students can strengthen these skills by using the three Thinking Tools from the "Thinking with Technology" Course.  Of course, teachers are building in so many ways to assist students in development of all the skills, but in my experience these three tools have it all!



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                I don't think I can pick one. I think there are a number I would consider as "the most important". I think creativity is very important - it is something I know was more surpressed then encouraged when I was a kid - and I think I ended up as more of a robot thinker than a creative thinker because I was so squashed so many times - and I am very sad about that.

                I also think critical thinking and problem solving are extremely important - because these are things you will use in your daily life - and your career/job (hopefully:)).

                But then again, where are you going to get if you can't collaborate, or communicate, or don't have digital literacy?

                So, now that I have typed this, I realize I am even more wishy-washy then I originally thought - LOL

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                  I read an article yesterday by Tom Friedman and he was discussing how education needs to change and when we get done with this stimulus money if we haven't changed how we educate students then we will not be able to improve the employment rate or the economy as a whole. One of the things he mentioned that  people need to be successful is creativity and intellectual curiosity. It ties in with so many of the other skills but if we just think about the jobs we have lost and try to get "those" jobs back and not create different types of jobs for ourselves we will be in trouble. How much do we value that quality in education? Where can we find that in our testing and assessments?

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                      I loved that article (NY times for those of you that want to find it). I just heard a lecture from Linda Darling- Hammond (Standford U and an Obama advisor) on assessment. She showed us a presentation of assessments from Finland, Singapore and Hong Kong where they were trying to drive for innovation as a learning outcome. I asked for a copy of the presentation- I will post it to this strand when I get it - FASCINATING.