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    Students Teaching Students and Teachers- The Impact Digital Learning Day Will Provide


      I just finished a two day training in Baraboo, WI School District.  Our focus and training was preparing the main leadership team on the significance of infusing 21st century learning scenarios and technology integration skills throughout the k12 curriculum.  Part of our time was to find out how students learn best with the teaching and learning environment they are currently exposed to, but what best meets the students learning needs.  It was great having MS and HS students as part of their leadership team, along with administrators, literacy coaches, parents and community and board members.We maximized and leveraged the students critical voices throughout this training time and introduced the element of flipped teaching.  We posed what it is, how it is done, free tools to accomplish the task, focus on student interaction, and asked the students their view points if this type of teaching and learning strategy would better meet their learning styles and needs.  The students were "beaming" with smiles and shared their critical voice that this would be "a must" teaching method that should be utilized to support their instruction because of the visual, audio and personalized learning experience.


      The students also took it one step further, they suggested when they felt comfortable of mastering a concept or unit of student, they would like to create a flipped teaching video segment to teach their peers or even younger students .  They noted "we are so comfortable with video recording, editing and production that this would be a natural fit." They also stepped up to the plate and noted they would gladly assist their teachers with showing casing how to video record, edit and create a final flipped instruction video. You can only imagine how proud I was as a facilitator at this event, seeing and hearing first-hand of how students had ownership in their learning.


      Much change will be coming to the Barbaboo, WI School District, and they are ready for this shift in learning.  They are very exciting and ready for this new digital landscape because they do have the new wireless infrastructure complete, the tool computer and mobile learning tools in place, and much job embedded professional development has been implemented and is ongoing.  The plan of action is on target, and now implementing flip teaching as a learning component for students and teachers is putting the icing on the cake.


      As a closing to our days of training, adults and students worked in "dynamic duos and trio" of collaborative groups to share their new knowledge with each other, and team taught each other with how they learn best.   I have included a few photos from our training days and a culminating video that the IT Director "Matt" (who truly supports his students and staff 100%, and says "Yes" to everyone to impact student learning outcomes,) and he has put together a showcasing of their progress and accomplishments.  This true collaboration by all school district individuals will lead to a successful Flip Teaching launch on February 1st to celebrate Digital Learning Day in WI!




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