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    Creating Infographics for Your Digital Learning Day with Students


      I am finding infographics quite intriguing.  The visual display of data really draws me in and makes an instant and meaningful connection with the world around me.  It is relevant, inspiring, and visually appealing- and yes it will be your next essential hook to draw your students into world of understanding data.  So why not create your own infographics on February 1st in support of Digital Learning Day?


      Don't know where to start- well I have a few good resources for all of you :-)

      Six Free Online Tools to Create Your Own Infographics

      1. Wordle - Create beautiful and fully  customizable word clouds with this free tool.  Simply paste in your  text and click “Go”, or specify your own color scheme, layout, and  fonts.

      2. Visual.ly is a brand new online  application which allows you to create detailed data visualizations and  infographics such as the one below.  They are still in private  beta-testing, however you can sign up for an invite now.  And in the  meantime, you can browse the Showcase of over 3,500 of the best  infographics on the Web.

      3. Twitter Visualizer – This fun  tool quickly creates a personalized infographic of your Twitter persona  based on what you tweet.  You can create a solo infographic such as the  one created for me below or compare yourself to tweeting celebrities.

      4. Creately let’s you build organized  concept maps, flowcharts, and diagrams for free.  Although they do have  subscription packages, users can create 5 public diagrams with the free  account.  They offer an easy-to-use interface with drag and drop shapes  that will have you mind mapping in seconds.

      5. Tagxedo - Create a beautifully  shaped word cloud from your blog, tweets, delicious tags, news topic, or  any RSS feed.  Tagxedo lets you customize words into stunning images.

      6. Visualize.me syncs with your LinkedIn  account to create a stunning infographic of your experience, education,  and skills. You can customize how much or how little is displayed within  the easy editing interface. Fonts, colors, and backgrounds are all  editable as well. Each position and educational entry can be moused-over  to view the full job/school description that is found on LinkedIn.