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    Using Capzles to assess students and promote group work

      A great way to assess knowledge and promote teamwork.

      I am fortunate that my students are able to bring their own personal technology to use to my class this year and that we have in class computers that have  webcams available to us.


      After studying a particular unit or after a lesson in class student work together to record their thinking about a particular topic.  Students can show their thinking in a picture, text, video or audio recording on a teacher made Capzle (social media site-- you can privatize a Capzle) via the computer or iTouches.  I can then review these responses later that day or at home.  I many times post thinking on our class blog and make comments on thinking that is shared.





      At the end of a unit about Native Americans, I asked my students to look back on our notes and learning, then with a teammate they were to answer a few questions for about what they had learned -- Students were to make connections about all the tribes we studied and anything else they wanted to point out.  Students used a variety of ways to respond to the questions presented and it really have me an opportunity to see how my students could communicate their learning.




      Here is a Voicethread to also show how we did this:




      * I think you could use this in a variety of ways -- math, science, reading, writing and more -- great way to provide an alternative way to assess students, promote teamwork, and assess how students communicate.


      How might you use Capzles in your classroom?