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    How to differentiate with technology--Kindle Fire Winner!

      My class is composed of several special ed students, GT students, and ESL students. Although I teach 4th grade, the reading levels alone range from first grade to well beyond their grade level. To meet these diverse needs, I have found the Smartpen to be my "best friend." My students use smartpens to create interactive murals and posters. They willingly research information and beg for more. The Smartpen has helped to put my Special Ed students on a more even plane with the rest of the class. I record reading passages and questions on tests so that special ed students can independently read and answer questions. I use sound dots that students tap on with the pen to hear the recording.


      My students also love to create podcasts and skits. We use Garageband the most for podcasting. We are learning to get more creative with our skits using Imovie.