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    Creating a special Digital Day Celebration


      I often volunteer at a local charter school and I was asked to help with a special day project for the school on February 1st.


      I shared some ideas with the staff and they were all on board.  For the Kindergarteners through 2nd graders, they are going to choose their favorite story and then have that recorded by using a flip camera.   For the 3rd - 8th graders, they will be creating their individualized museumbox of a person that was/is important to the world.  They will then be sharing those with the entire school.


      I was so blessed to be asked by the principal to help with this project.  I have done some mini-sessions on great web 2.0 tools and relate to the state core standards.  The teachers then brainstormed and decided what they wanted to make the day special.


      What a wonderful day it will be for all students.