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    Digital Learning Day 2012 - Everyday is a new opportunity with technology!

      Kindergarten students enter the room each morning very eager to learn and enjoy a new day.  Young students have been coming to school with this attitude for many years.  The learning environment they enter has evolved.  Today as we moved through our day, I began to reflect how digital learning was impacting my students.  It looks much different today than just a short 10 years ago.  Students enter  the classroom, uppack materials and pop the balloon on the smart board to show they have arrived at school.  I report their attendance on the state site fo rattendance and report cards.  They experience some of the routines of oral phonemic awareness, phonics, decoding, and reading.  They then review these skills with you tube songs on counting, phonemic awareness, phonics, sight words, etc.  They view these on a projection system that they think resembles a movie theater.  Some of the other digital activities of their day included:  digital math introduction, a digital fable "The Grasshopper and the Ants", introduction to Ground Hog's Dog on you tube, digital life cycle of the butterfly (a follow-up from reading book), digital projection  viewing of Letter land character with its sound song and handwriting song, projecion of handwriting activity, Renaissance learning tests on books read, exploration of web sites reviewing reading and math skill gaves and activities.  And I want more for thse five year olds. I want Ipads and apps to learn, review and practice skills.  We as teachers are the ones who share the world of knowledge and skills with these five year olds.  They will face a job market that will require proficient technology skills and it is exciting to see how easily young children respond to digital learning.