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    Are you making a difference?


      One of the goals of digital learning day, February 1, was to encourage teachers to use digital tools to make a difference.  How did you use digital tools today and/or how will you use digital tools in the future to make a difference in the lives/educational goals of the students you teach?

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          Whenever I am working with teachers and/or students, I always try to give them "tips and tricks" when using a certain pieces of software or hardware. In doing so, I'm hoping to show that digital tools are easy to use and can save them time when teaching or learning.  As a tech integrationist, I find people are reluctant to use technology because they either don't know how or have had frustrating experiences with it. If I can show them shortcuts or easier ways to use it, I find the "lightbulbs" will start lighting up.

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              Cindimay, here in Yavapai County at our monthly tech academy, after showing the teachers how to use a new tool or site, I usually have a problem for them to solve that allows them to actually use the tool while we are there.  This allows for good modeling and really lets the teachers have a "hands on" approach to what we have studied.  In the Collaboration and Communication training, I have the teachers plan a field trip or other activity without physically talking to one another.  They can text, use a wiki or Google Docs or any other platform available, but they CANNOT talk to one another.  It really is an eye opener to many of them.


              By the way, I hear the peach cobbler in Georgia is FANTASTIC this time of year.  It's too bad your not there NOW to try some of the delicious desert!  LOL