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    Can technology help solve the problem of lead poisoning's effects on student learning?

      I help moderate a LinkedIn group for people interested in creating and using online communities of practice (like Teacher Engage!) in education called the Educational Community Managers' Network. In the group, there has been an interesting discussion of the lack of awareness of the problem of lead poisoning and its effects on student learning. Members have pointed to research in Detroit and Australia that suggests this is much more serious a problem than I, at least, had imagined. While we did have some serious concerns about lead poisoning in Washington, DC where I live, a few years back, I had naively thought that was an isolated problem.


      Is anyone teaching about this issue? (I can imagine students in science classes testing water supplies, for example.) Are there ways you could use technology to help students (and educators) understand and decide how to address the problem. Infographics? Simulations? I really look forward to hearing your ideas.