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    In the News...The Education Connection


      In the news recently has been several news-worthly items that have an  educational connection. One example, is the House and Senate bills,  Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA)  that prompted an internet blackout protest from companies like Google,  Wikipedia, Moveon etc. The black-out protest lasted for about 24 hours  and was mainly to bring awareness to the two bills and to protest  internet censorship.


      Mainly, businesses and the entertain industry  supported the bill because they were the main group that was being  affected by piracy and counterfeiting.


      Another event  that is connected to the educational community is the announcement from  Google of their privacy changes across products, with no option to opt  out.


      • Collecting information to your  dashboard from every Google resource - search, maps, YouTube, Google+,  gmail, calendar, docs (which they have been data mining forever but this  adds one more layer)
      • Google says - When logged in, users  can edit or turn off their search histories, switch Gmail chat to "off  the record," use "incognito mode" on the Google Chrome browser or employ  other of Google's privacy tools.
      • Google says - we won't be collecting any more data about users than it was before.
      • Gizmodo  says - "There are certainly reasons to be concerned about keeping all  of your eggs in one basket. It means there's a single point of failure,  which makes me nervous," Rose wrote. "The fact that you can't opt-out of  shared search data, and that Google will know more about you than your  wife? That's a little creepy."
      • Problem with this - users cannot opt out but they can go "incognito mode" for chat and Google Chrome searches

      What other news events are happening that have an educational  connection? Share your resources and your thoughts on the above items  and other ones that are posted.