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    Magnitude 6.9: An Earthquake Experience.

                    It was 10 minute before 12:00 noon of February 6, 2012 when a 6.9  earthquake hit Negros Island, Philippines and its neighboring islands. Leaving Negros Oriental devastated with shattered houses and buried family members due to landslide. More than 1000 after shocks  creates fear to young learners and people in this area . The trauma they experienced is worth sharing to release stress and learn that they are not alone in this unpredictable environment , climate changes & nature's calamity.


                   Please post your experiences .

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          Bonnie Feather



          Thank you for posting here and inviting others to share their experiences.  You and many other Engage members are in our thoughts as you begin to reorganize your lives after such a shock. I know there are many educators coping with personal upheaval and that of their family members and students.


          I'll keep watching to see if there are needs posted here that we in the Engage community can assist with.  Sometimes even sharing your experience and knowing that others are *listening* and empathizing with your troubles can help a bit.