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    Tag, You're It!


      While growing up, I can recall playing tag with my brothers and sisters. I would count to ten while they ran around the house to hide.  The person that was tagged before making it back to the base had to count to ten while everyone hid.  After tiring from running around the house, we decided to get creative and take it to the weeping willow tree.  Taking the game to the weeping willow tree was our attempt to become more creative and keep everyone engaged.


      So this is a take on the game tag; community style.  Here are the ruIes:

      1. In the community individuals share a multitude of best practices, activities and tools that they use to enhance learning.  In addition the monthly webinars provide access to experts and strategies for effectively weaving information and technology standards while teaching common core and state standards.  You will explore the discussions, webinars, documents, etc. that you participated in. You will reflect on what you learned considering the following questions . . . What resource strategy, etc. did you get from the community and how have you adapted it in your classroom, district, etc. to engage students or provide classroom support?
      2. After posting your response, tag someone and challenge them to add to the discussion.
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          I was introduced to the differentiator by Naomi.  I though it was a wonderful way to help teachers think about options for creating artifacts.  So I shared it with a group of teachers and had a discussion on how it could be used by teachers to allow students to make choices while demonstrating mastery of lessons taught.  During the session it was shared that it would be great if someone aligned tools with the artifacts shared in the differentiator.  So I used the tool to expand and aligned web resources that could be used by students and or teachers for creating artifacts.  Here is what it looks like. (http://ghholmes.pbworks.com/w/page/49236273/Creating%20Artifacts.  We used the differientiator to help create projects then gave students options by allowing them to select from the artifact chart the type of tools to use to create the project.


          Thank you Naomi!  and . .  TAG Tom Diener You're It!