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    Google Goggles: Too Cool or Too Scary?

      Rumors have it that Google will be releasing its augmented reality googles before the end of 2012. They sound really cool to me -- for example, it  would be neat to put on a pair of glasses, look at a plant, and have info about the plant projected in front of you -- but I can see potential abuses, especially regarding privacy.


      What do you think?


      Here are a couple of articles about the super secret project:

      NY Times article


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          They seem really cool, Eric, but the part that bothers me is the distraction of it all.  I have not looked into them enough (literally and figuratively) to fully understand whether people would be wearing them as they interacted with others or while driving, etc...?  It seems like they could be heavily distracting, especially, while driving, so I'm hoping that there will be limits imposed somehow for safety.  Forgive me, if I'm bringing up something totally obviously ridiculous by mentioning this.  Maybe this has already been fully explained.  Thanks for the resources, Eric!  Good questions!! 

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              I have to say, while I was at SXSWedu I noticed several people wearing the glasses and they really stood out to me as odd. I think they could be a distraction while driving or even if they were in a situation with a presenter (such as a college seminar, workshop, dinner, etc..). Yes, it would be neat to get more information about the plant we are looking at, the meal we are eating, etc...We already have access to the internet via mobile devices or even in our cars already. I don't think this is a necessary device.

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              I WANT IT NOW! Sorry for shouting, but that is really the issue with the current (continued) rush to acquire knowledge. Remember pagers? Beepers? CB radios owned by car drivers? Original portable phones? Google Glass has been around for years but under a different name.... military pop up visual displays! Now that group needs immediate information! It was only a matter of time before everyone would want the "latest".


              There are still people that do not like the use of cell phones being used in a quite voice...


              A twist in this "hands free" immediate satisfaction is the new addition to cars: side view blind spot warning, and even using your foot to open the back tailgate!


              Is there a time of discomfort before society accepts technology? Hmm... isn't there still a State that has a law on the books that a walker needs to proceed a motorized cart to warn horses of its approach?


              So.... technology good or bad?



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                  I have a pair of Google Glass and I will say that they do not distract me any more than a cell phone or ipad would, however, I would not wear them while driving. In that situation it would be a distraction in the same way that a cell phone might distract you while driving.


                  As far as being a useful device, I would definitely say YES, this device is amazing and useful.  The biggest advantage is the ability to be hands free while taking pictures or videos to capture learning moments in our classroom.  Another game changer of Google Glass is the ability to receive messages (email, social networks etc) without needing to carry a device.  Google Glassware (apps) are constantly being added and updates are sent out often.  Recently the augmented reality app LAYAR was added as a choice for Glassware. 


                  Wearable technology is an up and coming trend that is going to change our lifestyles and classrooms.  I'm so thrilled to be a part of the Google Glass explorers group and to have the opportunity to experience this amazing technology first hand.

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