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    #EngageChat Begins!


      Update 6/4/12: We are now finishing up our Twitter chat and on Month 4. Yesterday's conversation focused on the reasons that 1:1 and BYOT implementations are successful. The main thrust of the conversation by our pm session focused on student centered environments and engagement. If we start with the "what is it that you want your initiative to do", then student centered classrooms is what you will end up with (with or without technology)! But the focus must be clear and you must support your staff and student in every way, including (very big focus here but not a surprise), professional development. I've included the archive below.


      Twitter Chat: EngageChat 06/04/012


      Today was our very first #EngageChat Twitter chat! Wow! What a lot to learn! I'm starting this discussion to share ideas on how to make Twitter chats a part of the Intel Teachers Engage community. Having different methods to communicate ideas to others is essential in a 21st century world. We in the community have so much to give and share, it'd be great to give the chat a try.


      So next Monday, at 12pm I would like to try another chat, just a practice one, with as many Intel Teachers Engage educators we can find. We'll keep the topic the same and try some things a bit differently. If you are interested in participating, please add your Twitter name here. I'll add you to the list I've created of Intel worldwide Teacher educators.


      I've included some links to the analytics from today which weren't too bad despite the late advertising and first time entry. I think there's plenty of room to grow but I also know that there are plenty of chats already that we may want to partner with in the future.


      A big thanks to Naomi who helped orchestrate the session today and to Neil and Julia for jumping in to give it a try! Thanks for sharing!




      Updates (6/4/12):


      Twitter archive





      Analtyics show that we are up in tweets from one month to the next - great! Please join us during our next #EngageChat on 5/7 supporting Digital Storytelling Part II! Digital Storytelling webinar event to be held on 4/24/12.