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    Music As A Medium for formative assessment

      Allowing students to use music and hip-hop to relay their knowledge of definitions and concepts.


      Dr. Christopher Emdin, Director of Secondary School Initiatives at the Urban Science Education Center, workshop entitled Reality Pedagogy, Hip-Hop, and Urban Education: Performance, Pedagogy and Possiblities

      brought home the relevancy of Hip-Hop to the classroom learning envirnoment.  Part of the workshop was dedicated to mapping 21st century literacy skills to the process of making Hip-Hop music.


      I highly recommend his book "Urban Science Education for The Hip-Hop Generation".


      Does anyone use music as a medium for learning?

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          I very much believe that music is a motivator and helps students remember content/concepts (this would be a good science fair project) -- School House Rock, for example. I try to find quality songs (especially music videos) to introduce a topic and to reinforce content and concepts. Here are links to a few that I use:




          Music and math fit hand-in-hand (fractions, patterns, etc), but I haven't exploited this connection as much as I should.


          Also, I have students write and record original songs (usually sung to a tune they know) about something we are learning about, such as chemistry. We typically use uJam for this. Here is an example: Iron Man

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              Eric, several years ago, while I was still in the classroom, I was working with the fifth grade teachers on a "States" unit. Each group selected a state.  After researching that state, they chose a song and I downloaded the Karaoke version from iTunes.  The kids then wrote new lyrics to the song, made a sound track, created costumes and props, and finally recorded a music video, lip syncing all the way to the sound track they had created.  It was a nine week project that actually took one whole semester to finish.  The kids were giving up recess to come in and work.  This project just kept growing and growing.  It was a lot of fun for me and the kids.



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              I have a great belive on this that music is a good mudium for formative assessment.