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    Celebration of Teaching and Learning Conference Learnings


      Bring the conference back to our members who couldn't attend. Share what you have learned from a keynote or a workshop session. What action do you plan to take based on your new learning? There are two ways to do this and win a Kindle Fire:

      1. Respond to this discussion and your name will be entered into the drawing
      2. Start your own discussion if you would like to invite others to a fuller conversation. Go to Intel Teachers Engage and click new discussion from the action box. Tag the discussion "COTL2012". Anyone who starts a discussion with this tag will be entered into the drawing. AND...as a bonus...if anyone responds to your discussion, your name will be entered again for each response.



      To thank you for sharing with us during this busy conference time, we will give away a Kindle Fire at 4:00 p.m. Saturday at the New York Institute booth (next to the Intel/Dell/Lenovo booth when you walk in the exhibit hall).


      Because of poor or non-existent Internet connection in this venue, the drawing will take place on Monday the 19th and the Kindle fire will be shipped to the winner.

      You can also like us on Facebook (Teachersengage) and leave a message on our wall as another way to enter the drawing.

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          Note changes in this drawing...you have until Monday to reply to the discussion and you can also enter by liking us on FB (Teachersengage) and leaving a message on our wall!

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            I am having a great time at teaching al learning.  Intel has worked witht he teaching community for years to bring such a wonderful event to educators around the world.  Thank you!

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              This is an amazing day!  Getting a lot of useful information and some great ideas that I can't wait to go back and use!!!

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                This has been an incredible experience so far. I cannot wait to share what I have learned with my co-workers. Amazing day!

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                  Thank you ..Believe it or not there were several laptops by the 3rd floor ballroom to use.   Does this comment count as a comment to enter the drawing? I really enjoyed the information that the Intel and google partnership conveyed in 21 century PD this morning.

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                    This recent article from Edutopia ties in so nicely Theresa to this discussion thread.  http://www.edutopia.org/blog/conference-to-dos-professional-development-nicholas-provenzano


                    'Tis the season for state technology conferences. I recently went to my state conference, MACUL,  and was excited to see some great presentations. There is nothing like  being in the audience when passionate educators talk about the awesome  things they are doing in the classroom.  In my position, I have the  opportunity to write about the cool things I saw and share them with my  district. I also have a chance to visit other schools and work 1:1 with  teachers. And what about those full-time classroom teachers that  attended the conference? Do you just take the awesome things you learned  and keep them to yourself? I hope not. Teachers in your district are  counting on you to share great ideas. Here are some things you can do to  share the conference love.

                    1) Send an Email

                    The simplest thing you can do is sending an email to your school or  district, sharing some of the great tools you discovered at the  conference. Give credit to the presenters who gave you these ideas, and  offer to answer any questions people might have. This allows for  non-attendees to take a look at what you learned by attending -- and  follow up when they have the time.

                    2) Talk with Your Department or Grade Level

                    Friendly conversations with your colleagues are a great way to share  ideas. You can talk about the tools and how they work in your specific  curriculum. This type of connection could get more teachers willing to  try something new.

                    3) Talk to Your Principal

                    Find out if there is any time during a staff meeting or half day  professional development (PD) to share some of the things that you  learned at the conference. It might be weird for you to stand up and  talk to your entire school, but what you have to share could make a  major impact on the lives of students who aren't necessarily in your  classroom. Another bonus, the willingness to share with the entire  building will always score you points with the boss.

                    4) Talk to Your District PD Office

                    If you are willing to share your awesomeness with the people in your  school, maybe you could share what you have learned to the whole  district. Having worked in central administration this year, I know they  are always looking for teachers to teach other teachers. Setting some  time aside to do a mini presentation on the interesting things you  learned at a conference is a great way to help other teachers grow.

                    5) Get Online

                    If you are still feeling the urge to share, get out there and start a  blog, join Twitter and use other forms of social media to spread the  good word about what you have learned. If you want to reach as many  people as you can, look to social media as a tool to do just that.

                    By trying these five ways to share your exciting new ideas, the  presentation you attended in a room of 30 teachers now has another  chance to help hundreds or thousands of teachers across the country and  around the world. Multiply those educators by the number of students  they have, and one teacher attending one session at a conference can  change the world.

                    What are you waiting for?