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      I am Google Certified Teacher have been invited back to Google headquarters in NYC for what they call a "reload". Does anyone else in the Engage Community Plan to attend? If anyone has Google questions, i would be glad to present them at the workshop.

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          What a great honor,  I believe Susan Gauthier is also a Google Certified Teacher.  I which I could attend training to become one, but I am not a classroom teacher.


          Actually, I was just asked two questions about Google that I am not able to answer.  if you can find out the answer for me, that would be great.


          1. On several different occasions either I or one of my students ran into a problem with wanting to edit a shared document (usually a wiki in google sites).  When we placed the cursor where we wanted to type, as soon as we begin typing it jumped to the search bar at the top of the page and wouldn't let us add anything on that page.  Rather, it would place what we were trying to type in the google search box.  No one else was on or trying to edit at the same time.  And sometimes this happened and other times it didn't (usually on different computers).  One student indicated he got a "find as you type" error.  Any ideas about how to turn this off?  Is it a setting on the computer itself?
          2. During a class, the teacher has to have students access Google Docs via different browsers.  After so many have logged in using IE, no more can log in.  There others have to use Firefox.  Because they can get it using different browsers they do not think it is a bandwidth issue.  Any other thoughts as to what it might be?
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              I do not have an answer to Question #1. I, however, posted Question #2 to my Twitter PLN (Personal Learning Network) today. Within minutes I received many answers.

              • One asked why not just use Firefox if it works.
              • Another asked if perhaps the google docs is seeing only a couple of IP addresses - instead of individual IPs for each machine.
              • A third said that he has used google docs with 15 people without a problem (all using IE)
              • The fourth reply directed me to the Google Docs Help page. It reviews how many people can collaborate at a time. This may answer your question best.
              • Finally I recimeved a reminder to have each computer clear the cache and cookies it seems that this was the solution to an issue being addressed.
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                I think I might have posted this information before but at the risk of being repetitive repetitive I'll post it again...

                • There are limits on the number of synchronous collaborators for each Doc type.
                • 10 people can edit a Presentation at the same time.
                • 50 people can edit a Spreadsheet simultaneously.
                • 10 people can edit a Document at the same time.
                • There is a limit of 200 combined viewers/ collaborators for all of the different Doc types.


                I'm not sure about the WIKI problem with the cursor jumping around...but i'll try to check it out.

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                Thomas, thank you for sharing, this is very interesting for me. About a year ago the Russian branch of Google tried to set up some educational activities for Russian K-12 teachers. They were active for several months and came up with an idea to have so called "Google Ambassadors" in several regions of Russia (I was offered the position of a Google Ambassador for my city). But then, in Fall 2008 they somehow became reluctunt to continue. I think Google services are a great asset for contemporary education and would like to continue the work we started with our colleagues. What is required to become a Google teacher? Do they have any forms of online trainings?

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                    Sorry, I did not respond to your posting sooner. I hope your experience as a Google ambassador was as good as mine was being a Google Certified Teacher. Sorry to hear that the program has not continued. The Google Certified Teacher Program is an outstanding opportunity. If for nothing else, to spend a day in the Google office is pretty exciting. As far as I know Google has offered the GCT training 5 times: twice in California, twice in NYC and once in Chicago. They just announced a new training session to be held in Boulder. Colorado on  August 5th, 2009. The deadline for applications is July 3rd. (I suppose that Boulder might be a bit far for you, but might be worth considering.) Google gets thousands of applications for each training session from educators around the world. It surprises me that they have not developed a way to deliver the training to more educators, considering the popularity of the program. (I even mentioned to them that they might look at the Intel program as a model.) I appreciate hearing from everyone about Google Tools in the classroom.


                    If you'd like more information about the upcoming training in Colorado visit: http://www.google.com/educators/gta.html


                    If you'd like more information about Google in Education you might want to visit: http://www.google.com/educators/index.html


                    The GCT progam has generated an online community http://groups.google.com/group/Google-Teacher-Center (I think this is an open group...a great group of educators who share a tremendous amount of expertise.)