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    March 2012 Intel Teach Live - Let's Hear It For the Primary Students



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      Let’s hear it for the primary students! This month’s webinar with special guests Lisa Wenske and Gail Laubenthal focused on some of the greatest ways  Pre-K-3rd Grade students can innovate and create in a 21st Century Classroom.

      We want to know some of your favorite tech tools for primary students.  Do you have a favorite mobile app?  Interactive whiteboard gadget?  Website?  Share with us your biggest challenges with this age group and their technology use as well as solutions you have found.


      Post your resources between March 23 and April 18 to be entered into a drawing for a iPod Touch.


      Note: This drawing will only become active when a minimum of 10 participants respond which means in some cases, the drawing will take place after the above mentioned date. For a complete description and eligibility of Engage community drawings, click on the Intel Bunny Person.


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      21st Century Skills Addressed in this Webinar -
      Depending on how the project was directed any or all of these 21st Century Skills would be addressed
      Communication,  Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Media and Technology Skills, Self-Direction


      ISTE Standards Addressed in this Webinar:


      All of the NETS T would be implemented in an exemplary 21st Century Project
      1. Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity
      c.  promote student reflection using collaborative tools to reveal and clarify students' conceptual understanding and thinking, planning, and creative processes.
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          Hello, Everyone,


          I teach First Grade ESL in Austin, Texas, where I've been an educator for 14 years.  I have taught Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grades; and though I'm certifed in various Generalist Areas, I am also a certified Reading Specialist, Master Reading Teacher, and National Board Certified Teacher.  First Grade and Literacy are my hugest loves, while finding ways to implement Technological Resources into the classroom as extra motivators, engagers, and content enhancers is right up there with those first 2.


          During the upcoming webinar, I will focus on how my First Graders utilize our Class Wiki to communicate, collaborate, exercise Digital Citizenship, and learn all about using Technology and Web 2.0 tools to create and inspire.  PBworks is my huge, huge help in this end, and I hope you have a free educator account with them, as well, as the possbilities for their use(s) in the classroom and across colleagues is endless and amazing.


          I look forward to virtually seeing you all there!


          Lisa Wenske, M. Ed.

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            My son Alan is in Lisa's class and is having a great year. I'm going to attend the webinar and encourage all of you to do so as well, even if you are not a primary teacher.

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              Let's celebrate young children and technology at the upcoming webinar. My name is Gail Laubenthal and I am a Pre-Kindergarten teacher at Sanchez Elementary School in Austin, Texas. I have been teaching for over 40 years and consider myself as the ultimate life-long learner, especially when it comes to technology. I have been involved with campus technology initiatives since 1996, when our district decided to reward teachers who would go through computer competency assessments. Through collaboration, communication, and grant writing, I have been fortunate to make sure that even the youngest students have access to the latest technology tools.


              In this webinar, I am focusing on using the iPad for assessment in the early years. In our district, Principals are making technology purchasing decisions based on what teachers are doing or might be able to do with the tech tools. My campus will have 76 iPads this spring, which means that each grade level will have a cart of 10 iPads, plus 6 for our Special Area team. My quest this year has been to focus on how I can use the tool for assessment. There are so many wonderful apps to choose from and I will focus on my favorites. Of course, most of you know that new apps come out everyday, so just keeping up with what's out there is one of my challenges.


              I hope that you will also share how you are using the iPad in your classroom, especially if you are using it as an assessment tool.

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                  I work with younger students and love to incorporate technology into units that I teach.  I love Discovery Education, the first hand experience is so worthy; BrainPop is a great addition, but makes topics cartoonish; I also like to use Glogster, Voki, Tagxedo, and of course Movie Maker.  One of my students have played around with Picasa enough that she creates her own movies on that site.


                  I have found that if you find a site that you like and the students love, use it to your advantange.  The kids become well acquainted and they find ways of doing things and can teach you.

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                  Dyane, in one of the districts I support, the 2nd grade teacher is very "techie".  She has been using a flip camera, digital camera, Maker Maker and Photo Story with her class as they document what they have been doing in the classroom.  She has also started working on a class wiki so that she can share these digital images with the parents. 



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                    I'm really excited about the resources and ideas that will be shared at this webinar. The student examples and samples are great.


                    Hope you can join us tonight at 7:00 CST.

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                      Great webinar! And it's not just for primary! I got a lot of things I can use for my 5th graders for math. Using the apps to explain a process.

                      I teach PE, and just think of the possibilities of a child who is handicapped- temporary or permanent - using iTalk or Show me to explain the process of the skill, game, etc. This would be great for assessment! And talk about integration of subjects across the curriculum! So many things we can do! (Just brainstorming here.)

                      Thanks for the ideas, Lisa and Gail! It's not just for primary anymore!

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                        I attended the webinar and loved it.  I got a lot of great ideas that I can use with my third graders.  I am jealous of the people that have iPads!  I do have a promethean board in my room and have found a lot of great things to use with it.  I have used Blabberize before and my students love it.  I love promethean planet.  I also use discovery education and love it. There are so many great videos and clips on discovery education that I use all of the time.  I think my biggest struggle is that my students want to use technology more, but at school and in our community we are limited.  I am going to keep doing my research to do everything I can to bring technology into my classroom and make it work for my students. 

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                          What a fabulous webinar! I love that it was geared at primary students instead of me trying to adapt the content for primary students. Primary teachers spoke and Vanessa Jones listened!

                               My favorite tech tool in my classroom is the iPad. I also have computers and livescribe pens but the iPads always warrant the most engagement. The computers are wonderful but sometimes my students have issues navigating and many of the websites I like to use have pop-up ads or ads on the sides that students will click on. With the iPad I have a wider selection of games that are ad-free.

                               My favorite mobile app changes on a weekly basis depending on what I am teaching or what my students are struggling with. I am amazed at how many free apps there are for....everything you could ever think of. My students now tell me about apps they found at home on their iPads (a few have them) or parent's iPhone.

                               I have an Innovation Station which I use every day in just about every lesson. I feel like it has become a staple for my students and my teaching style. It makes learning larger and more convinent.

                               Each week I find a computer game or video that correlates to my 1st grade math and science topics for the students to practice independently on the computers. Some of my favorite websites include: www.abcya.com, www.ixl.com, and www.softschools.com. The ABCya is the most consistent but it can be limited in the span of games.

                               I have experienced many challenges with technology so I will only focus on two but the benefits far outweigh the struggles. Some of my students really struggle to stay on task if they are not using technology. For a few, if I give them a game on the iPad they will play for 30 minutes but if I give them a pencil and paper activity they are unlikely to finish even if the task is easy or engaging. Not finishing work in my classroom is unacceptable because I provide all the necessary resources for them to do it.To solve this issue, some of my students are on incentive plans to be able to use the iPad, they must complete their pencil and paper assignments before moving on to the iPad lesson.  Another issue is maintaining the technology - updates, charging, monitoring and keeping safe. I have solved this issue by incorporating the students into these processes. They know that the technology is a privilege and only students who are safe and respectful of the technology will be allowed to use it. I have found that the students want to be a part of the technology and will use it for learning. Their engagement is much higher using the technology and every activity feels like a game so they are more likely to follow the rules. I also incorporated the students when writing the rules of technology. If they are broken they often choose their own punishment and are responsible for helping me enforce it. Because of this the problems I experience are slowly disappearing.

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                            Here is a great tie in to all the "primary students" discussion comments that have been contributed this past month and a great compliment to the March "Primary Students" webinar. Poway Unified School District in San Diego, California embraced technology by providing each kindergarten student with a laptop for personalized learning. Parents and educators found this individualized, one-to-one environment to generate interesting and profound classroom discovery.