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    Baurlein, Mark, The Dumbest Generation: How the Digital Age Stupefies Young Americans and Jeopardizes Our Future(2008)

      Has anyone read this book? With what reaction?


      Here is part of what's on the book jacket:

      "...cyberculture is turning us into a nation of know-nothings..."

      What do the "under-thirty generation do with all  their time/money"?

      "...Download, upload, IM, post, chat, network...watch television and play video games..."

      "What do the under-thirty generation not do?"

      "...Read, even online...Follow politics...Maintain a brisk work ethic...Vote regularly.."


      The author of this book goes on to claim that the mushrooming of the digital age has been accompanied by flatline, or abysmal,  reading, cultural, scientific and civic performance by the under-thirty generation(per many national test indicators).


      I'd like to know if anyone in the Engage community has read it--and with what response(s)? How would you respond to the book's premises? Our high school teachers are reading it in their professional development community. It is certainly provocative.