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    STEM snacks - Bridges


      As a science teacher, I recognize the need to focus on STEM education. The new National Science Framework will soon become National Science Standards. When reading the Framework, I was impressed with its focus on Engineering. Please join in these “STEM snacks” discussions and share your ideas.



      My science curriculum requires students understand how forces act upon structures. Students first studied forces. Students created bridges using milk straws, masking tape, and two 3x5 cards. Each bridge had to span 25 centimeters. Bridges were put on a scale to measure their  mass. Bridges then were laid across the span and weights placed in the bridge center. Students  measured the mass their bridge supported. One bridge held 1.8 Kg. - I was impressed! Students compared their bridge mass with the mass it held using a ratio. The goal was to have the lowest ratio in the class.


      Please share your ideas on:

      1. What subjects could collaborate on an activity like this?
      2. What project-based learning could this activity be tied into?
      3. What other materials would you recommend students use?
        • Should students be allowed to bring their own materials?
      4. What similar activities do you have students do that involves STEM?