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    Share your classroom success for the K-12 Horizon Report


      Okay- I know there are a lot of classrooms and individuals that are doing GREAT things with education and technology.  Well this is a short turn around as they are asking for samples and examples by Monday, April 16th.


      So. . .  in case you are not aware the Horizon Report is looking for examples of the following areas for thier next publication -


      Time-to-Adoption Horizon:  One Year or Less
      * Mobile and Apps
      * Tablet Computing

      Time-to-Adoption Horizon:  Two to Three Years
      * Game-Based Learning
      * Personal Learning Environments

      Time-to-Adoption Horizon:  Four to Five Years
      * Augmented Reality
      * Natural User Interfaces


      for more information visit - http://www.nmc.org/news/submit-your-projects-photos-horizon-report-2012-k-12-edition