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    Google Golden Ticket...Partake of the chocolate river

      I wanted to share with you my experiences at the Google Teacher Academy . I attended the session last June that was in Mountain View, CA. It is one of the coolest things that I have done in my life. I was absolutely shocked that I was chosen and felt honored to have the opportunity to “Google” collaborate with other educators from around the world - 4 different countries were present- Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines. I will never forget when I read the email that I was accepted becauseticket.JPG I screamed so loud that everyone ran in the room because they thought I had seen a mouse. I know some of you know one of my best friends and Intel partner in crime – Quentina. She now takes all the credit for me getting picked even though she is about 5 second of my one minute video. I felt as though I had won the Golden Ticket to see the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory. Can you imagine going to the Googleplex? Well now you can because I will periodically give you tidbits about my experiences. I can’t tell all now so you will just have to follow the discussions to get the lowdown on the academy. Tom Deiner from NY is also a Google Certified Teacher and I hope that he can add to the discussions since he attended a different session and I would love to get his feedback.


      Google had created an atmosphere that promoted innovation – Microkitchens are everywhere.  You can find just about anything you could ever want to eat.  They do this on purpose -- feed people well if you want them to work well. I think they must have collaborated with the Intel folks because the summits are feeding frenzies.


      The first person that I met was Jesse. He had shared his self-grading quizzes during the day and everyone was mesmerized with the idea.. He later created a screencast http://www.screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cjXeqwnDe with information on how to create your very own self-grading quizzes using Google Forms.  Try it out….Jesse makes it so easy to understand! This was a hot item in our Google Teacher Forum. Comment here if you have any feedback on the self-grading quiz or on uses of Google forms/spreadsheets in the classroom.


      Want to know more about my day and get info on Google Tools then stay tuned for more Google threads coming your way ....Feel free to "Partake of the chocolate river"