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    Technology and Critical Thinking

      With the new Common Core standards starting to shape what and how we teach, we must consider how technology can be used to promote critical and analytical thinking.  I see students use technology to look up information so that they don't have to problem solve or think critically; they expect technology to give them the answer.  How can technology be used to promote critical and analytical thinking?

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          Dave, as I read your question, the first thing that came to my mind was the Intel Tools, especially the Seeing Reason Tool.  There are many site online that give the students the opportunity to try out a possible solutions first, so that if they make a mistake, no one gets hurt.  Another very popular site is the interactive coaster from learner.org


          Does anyone have other good sites to share with Dave?



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              I am a fan of simulation websites that encourage students to take risks in a virtual environment prior to engaging in projects in the real world.

              This year I conducted an inter-disciplinary project on medieval siege engines. It provided the opportunity to integrate history, physics, technology, research skills and writing skills.

              Some of the websites my group utilized to simulate the use of siege engines before constructing them included:

              After research and simulation activities, the students built and utilized their own seige engines.

              The use of these types of sites promoted critical thinking and an appreciation of the technological achievements of ancient civilizations.


              The project was a home run.