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    Technology Showcase


      Today, I had a wonderful opportunity to participate in our school district's Technology Showcase.  Each year elementary, middle, and high schools are selected to showcase classroom technology in the spring.  Administrators, lead teachers, counselors, and other stake holders spend the day visiting these schools.  Wow, what a great learning experience.  I assisted and visited classrooms that were technology engaged learning centers.  I saw K students leading groups in hands on activities with the Promethean board!!!  Great way to share ideas in a district.


      How does your district share and promote technology integration?

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          Bonnie Feather

          Mitzi created this question quite a while ago, but I noticed it today and I'd like to hear more about it now. More and more districts are using student-held technologies, so I'm wondering how they are used as integrated learning tools?


          I'm looking forward to hearing more about the wide variety of uses out there...