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    What would it look like to you?


      THE COMMUNITY TASK: Create a checklist of evidence that one could use to certify a school or district as a role-model in 21st century teaching and learning in which all other district/schools in your country could look to and replicate their best practices. To get started, please reply to this discussion with your thoughts on the following question:


      • If you were on a task force to find these schools, what would you expect to see or observe from a role-model  "21st century" classroom?  What evidence would convince you? Consider all roles: students, teachers, support staff, administration,..
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          Some schools in our state have gone to Virtual classrooms.  this has helped in rural areas where it is difficult to staff positions, and where there is a shortage of electives.  I would include vitual classrooms and e-books.  This will also save money, and travel time.

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            Bonnie Feather

            Right now, this sounds like a very large task. I just finished looking again at the discussion started by Bergin G called "Share your classroom learning environment photo."  It's one of my favorite discussions, as I have an opportunity to have a slight insight into classrooms in other cultures and countries.


            So, now I am thinking that we must consider the "ideal' 21st century classroom in many different situations. In broad terms, I believe that the most excellent classrooms would provide a blend of teacher-centered and student-centered activities. Learning would be centered around real-life situations found in the local community and culture.


            There would be clean rooms, with space for all students. Parent education would occur, whether by the teachers of the children or other personnel. Students would be safe in their classrooms and on the way to and from school.


            I believe no matter which culture we live in, HOPE for a positive future is the most important outcome of education. Without hope, there can be no motivation to learn. How do we show evidence that hope is being transmitted to the students?



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              I believe 21st Century Schools will need to provide our students with lots of opportunities to practice using the 21st Century Skills to be better problem solvers and innovators.

              A formula for success might look like the one written by Bernie Trilling and Charles Fadel in their book, "21st Century Skills Learning for Life in Our Times"

              They said, "The formula for successful learning in the 21st century is...

              3Rs X 7Cs = 21st Century Learning." which means...

              Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic multiplied by the following:

              • Critical thinking and problem solving
              • Creativity and innovation
              • Collaboration, teamwork and leadership
              • Cross-cultural understanding
              • Commiunications, information, and media literacy
              • Computing and ICT literacy
              • Career and learning self-reliance