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    Interview with Real Scientist, Karen Brennan





      We interviewed Scratch Team Member, Karen Brennan!


      In the latest interview in our seires of Real Scientists, we interviewed Karen Brennan, who combines her love for music, computer science, mathematics, and education at her position with the Scratch Team.


      The Real Scientist series is designed to show students that not only is computer science important, but that it's done by fun, everyday people. It is our hope that these interviews will inspire students to view computer science in a warmer light.



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          Great work with the Real Scientists Stories series. How do you decide who to feature and what's your secret for getting the interviews?

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              Thanks Eric!


              Most of our decisions for whom to feature are indirectly made for us while we research content and activities for our site.  As we were adding Scratch to our activities, we were building a partnership through Karen Brennan, who turns out to be a wonderful inspiration for would-be computer scientists.


              While researching robot technology for a different article, we came across the story of inventor, Jaimie Mantzel.  We didn't have an established relationship with him so we sought him out for an interview and he was happy to participate.


              No secrets really, just luck and opportunity.