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    Cell Phone Photography


      Cell phone photography is the fastest growing segment of the Digital Camera market.  Today's cell phones have higher megapixels, better lens, and increased storage capacity making them great devices to capture the moment anywhere anytime.  Remember... The best camera is the camera you have with you!


      Below are some great tips:

      • Keep the Lens Clean —
      • Improve Light (go outside or turn on the lights) —
      • Steady the Camera- use both hands —
      • Get Close to Subject —
      • Take lots of Photos —
      • Use the Highest Resolution —
      • Avoid using Digital Zoom —
      • Edit Image for Improvement and creative ideas—
      • When in Public- Ask Permission First before taking pictures of people


      My favorite apps are:

      • Adobe Photo Shop Express (Free) quick edit & share
      • Pro HDR (Free or 1.99) High Dynamic Range Photography
      • Percolator (1.99) turns photos into mosaics
      • PicSketchLT (Free) photo pencil sketch
      • Instagram (Free) share photos


      Do you have a favorite tip, app, or experience with cell phone photography?  Please share in this discussion.