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    PBL and Common Core

    Bonnie Feather

      Deborah Goodman asked in another discussion here in the community whether teachers who have been through an Intel Teach course might be more eager to embrace Common Core standards-based teaching. It made me think about what factors in Intel Teach might lead to that. One thing I think might come into play is the Project-Based nature of Intel Teach.


      For decades good teachers have tried to base their teaching in real life. However, as Andrew Miller says in this post, we must continue to remind ourselves what "real-life" based really means. It's not enough to give students traditional pencil-and-paper tasks (he writes in particular about math problems) which reference real-life problems. We must go the extra mile (and it is an extra mile of work to prepare PBL) to actually involve students in the tasks of real-life, not just solve tasks related to other people experiencing real life.


      What are your thoughts about PBL and how that style of teaching and learning might be related to the Common Core ELA and Math standards? Do you think the Thinking Tools online might be helpful to teachers regarding students meeting the CCSS?


      For those of you in states or countries not moving toward these standards, you may look at them here: Mathematics   English Language Arts


      And if you are in a country other than the United States, what are the curriculum standards in your country or region? How do you know students are learning what they need to know? Is it a set of factual knowledge or is it based on a system of processes? Do they need to know particular information in order to pass matriculation exams?


      I really want to know more about what's happening where you are!



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          Hi Bonnie,

          This is Regina from NYC. When I think Common Core and rigor, PBL comes to mind and so do the INTEL tools and program.  Folks still think PBL is just for Unit culmination.  I think it is a marvelous way to deliver content and skills and embed that precious student to student collaboration in a structured and rigorous way. I will be working at implementing part of INTEL Essentials and TWT into our CCLS aligned units.

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              Hi! I absolutely believe that by taking Intel classes I am better prepared to implement the Common Core Standards. I am at math teacher, and I tell everyone that the Intel classes have been the best Common Core training I have received. I have gained valuable resources through the classes that I have used to implement CCSS units and also feel better equipped and more confident in teaching the Math Practice Standards.

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              Hi Bonnie,

              ·        I am living in Pakistan, and have  been a maths teacher for matric and O-level students,  here most of the teachers  and Admin are result oriented, and do not want to go beyond  drill and practice, but  during the last ten years I have seen  a good change in the way that teachers now make graphical presentation, have started asking students to design model of Fractions, ( all types) give problems based on real life situations as what would be the carpeting area of the rooms? Or what are the dimensions of the room when there are so many windows/doors/cabinets of this measurements. These  type of questions and incorporation of  hands on work is limited till grade8 and very little implementation of theory is seen in higher classes. grade-5, students do hands on learning in geometry, algebra and probability and statistics. Algebra is introduced at Grade 7. Students who have completed 7th grade and mastered the content and skills through the 7th grade will be well-prepared for  higher algebra in grade 8.

              • The  Matric Syllabi is based on the needs of learner.  And takes into account the existing knowledge and the environmental experience of the learner. The development level of the learner is considered in the cognitive, effectiveness and psycho- motor domain. Content sis  be focused on attaining the objectives. The Matric syllabus is out dated, and very few people think that a change is needed. Students need to know the concepts as taught by the teacher, the teacher is given the scheme of study and she has to cover it in the stipulated time.
              • Yes they need to know particular information in order to pass Matric exams, Students are given a set of question papers  with content questions and they answer it, get marks and it is understood that they know the concept if they pass.

              As far as PBL  elements  short course is concerned the teachers and the authorities take the course with full zest as I introduce a new pedagogy of teaching they willingly participate, and continuous intel  workshops have now motivated them to do at least one project an year, and I feel that is an achievement.  The thin king tools are also very musch appreciated here, they avoid the Showing Evidence tool.

              We have common core standars in Mathematics and ELA since long and a scheme of study is defined keeping these standards in mind by  the Text Book Board and all schools follow the same course in each Province.