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    High school STEM students teaching lessons to K-5 students

      I have been in communication with an elementary school 2 blocks away from our school.  teachers would like some more time to prep and meet with individual students. They asked about having some high school students sign up to teach/facilitate labs for her students. I think it would be a great way to connect the youth. Does anyone have experience in this or have any suggestions on selecting students, labs, or things to think about in general?

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          I wish I had experience in this. I would enjoy having High School students working with elementary students before they enter my Middle School classroom. I, however, have seen High School and Middle School students mentoring Elementary students in reading. They listen as the younger children read and help with difficult words. It is even more powerful when the older student reads aloud to the younger student. I say "GO FOR IT!" Please share your experiences with us so we can learn your challenges and successes.