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    Free online PD this summer

      Peer to Peer University's (P2PU) School of Ed is planning for a new round of free courses this summer, expanding the model of open, community-based peer learning for professional development for K-12 teachers.


      Summer course titles include: PhET Simulations for Science and Math, Global Dialog: International and Comparative Perspectives on Education, ePortfolios for Teachers, Syndicated Education in Distributed Learning Environments, Making Writing and Literacy Learning Connections, Curating Our Digital Lives, and Reimagining Developmental/Basic English Curriculum.


      These courses will be run between June and July, 2012 and are available for sign-up now at www.p2pu.org/school-of-ed.


      P2PU is all about hands-on learning driven by each educator's particular needs and  classroom situations. It's about connecting, collaborating, and  creating, not just reading or studying. All courses are  free, open-licensed (CC BY), and online. You can use the content in them  for any purpose you like as long as you cite the source.


      For more information, contact schoolofed AT p2pu DOT org.