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    Virtual Museum Resources Webinar Recording: Civil War @150


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      The recording for last night's Virtual Museum Resources Webinar featuring the Newark Museum's Civil War @150 resources and curriculum is now available! The presentation demonstrates the curriculum available to teachers and the gives a sample of the webinar exercises the museum provides for classrooms. In this unique blend of social studies and art, our webinar participants were asked to engage in Object-Based Learning employing Visual Thinking Skills to explore historical context via Civil War artwork.


      Click here to view the recording.


      Click here to visit the Newark Museum's Civil War @150 online.


      Please note: Our guest presenter from the Newark Museum experienced a power outage in her building during last night's presentation. At approximately the 40 minute mark in the presentation, she lost her audio and video connection. When she rejoined, she could not reestablish audio and completed the final 10 minutes of the presentation via slide show and text chat.