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      While participating in the book discussion, I have observed a variety of methods that participants practiced while making posts; some participants posted summaries, others, reflections while still others provided comparisons. Are there best practices for participating in book discussions?

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          Gail, good question. I never participated in an online book discussion. I think all comments add to the experience, but perhaps I just don't know the netiquette here.

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            Like you, I have seen the variety of postings on various Book Discussions. I personally find the "notes" and "comparisons" of short segments of the book work best for me. If I have not read the book, these often will pique my interest in reading the book. When I read a "summary" of a book, it reminds me of a book review done in the newspaper and I often quit reading before the end of the post. In my humble opinion, to be defined as a discussion there should be postings relating to the book done throughout the reading. Which reminds me - I just finished chapter 5 of Once You're Lucky, Twice You're Good. I had an "aha" moment during the chapter and need to go put in my two cents on the book discussion.

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              Hi Gail,


              Having attended many a face to face book discussion in my younger years, I remember the controversies being most interesting to me. I can see Glen's post about a summary of the book being more like a book review. I think if the first posting is a quick overview and the next postings trickle more into how people interpret the author or the work itself, that works best for me. I haven't taken a look at all the book discussions but a quick peek into the discussions should help Here I go...