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    Are you a 2.0 teacher?

      Technology is everywhere. It is invading us in every way we can think of. The changing of the web is making everything going to the next level in a high speed. The level of 2.0. If you are a web user, do you think you are a 2.0 person? Let's narrow it in an educational environment. Do you think you are a 2.0 teacher? If this is the case, what makes you a 2.0 teacher rather than just a teacher? Thank you for sharing!

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          I have created blogs for my colleagues and students. I participate in several blogs with a variety of topics. I often communicate through emails rather than cell phone or other means and I expect emails everyday. I respond to articles that I come across online to express my opinion objectively. I am interested in Podcasting and Vodcasting. I think I am a 2.0 teacher.

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              Yazid you pose some great questions regarding whether we are Web 2.0 teachers. As you mentioned, I too have taken the opportunity several to maintain several blogs. (I think I currently have 8 blogs I update in some regular fashion.) Each blog is distinct based on a specific topic (e.g. I maintain one blog as I function as President of my state Science Association.) Wikis have also been something I enjoy using both with peers and students. In fact, last week the district health specialist asked me to help her understand how she could use a Wiki to benefit all Health Teachers in the district. In some ways, being known as a Web 2.0 teacher is a benefit because it helps me work with my students. I find it also provides opportunities to share thoughts and ideas with other teachers. If I can help others feel confident in how they can use Web 2.0 apps, more students will be allowed to access these for their classes.


              I was at a district training meeting (as a participant) in a training on Web 2.0 twice in the last month. (These trainings were a requirement due to my district / school leadership position.) During both sessions, I was asked to be a co-facilitator when I arrived. Each time, I showed one or two online tools available for use by teachers/students. I was surprised to be told by two different district officials on Friday about an evaluation that was recently turned in. I could not remember being responsible for any trainings. Both said that by name, teachers said in their most recent training they learned more and found something they could take back and use with students the next day from what I had taught. I had to rack my brain to decide how I had benefited them. I realized it was from my co-facilitation efforts (when I was really a participant.)


              Most recently, I have convinced my ENTIRE science department (all 3 of us) to create podcasts and vodcasts. We are going to develop a schedule of material that we consider "essential" and prepare these for our students to do in review. Both other teachers have asked me to help train them how they can create good, short, effective podcasts/vodcasts. I'm looking forward to this kind of work in my Personal Learning Network.

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                  If there were a Web 2.0 Teacher awared, I would vote that it go to you.  Everything you mentioned above is amazing.


                  I do use Web 2.0, but since I am no longer a classroom teacher I can't call myself as a Web 2.0 Teacher.


                  I do however, wonder what does qualify the title Web 2.0 Teacher?  I don't blog, twitter, or ning.  So now I ask, is using the collaborative docs and wikis enough?  Since Web 2.0 is ever so expansive and new tools are added each day, will there ever be an end.



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                      Thanks for nominating me for the Web 2.0 Teacher Award. I've not heard of it before either. In my opinion, anyone who uses one or more web 2.0 tools on a regular basis is (or is becoming) a web 2.0 teacher. I also think that anyone who is teaching any age group can qualify for that title. (But I'm not the person who made the rules if there are any.)

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                          Here, here! I agree. I think any new venture deserves praise and certainly delving into the awesome world of Web 2.0 tools take courage! Indeed even early starters are 2.0 teachers so long as they are not afraid to explore and use the technologies to employ web 2.0 environments. I use social networks and blogs in a Science program for students grades 7-12 that is afterschool to keep students engaged in their learning.


                          For professionals I help to maintain an online network on a ning site: http://schoolleadership.ning.com. I'm a member of several online NING groups including Classroom 2.0, Ning in Education and others.


                          In my Intel trainings i use Wikis and Blogs frequently and work on Google Docs any chance I get including using it to write grants and,gather data,

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                    Not only is the Internet (Web 2.0 and Web 3.0) constantly changing. Students and the way they learn are constantly changing. Many are coming to school with a new set of skills — as experienced Internet users, communicators, and publishers, with some being a lot more techno-savvy than their teachers and parents. As educators, we must continue to modify our teaching practices and pedogogical thinking to meet the needs of our ever-so-changing students.

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                      So Web 2.0 is so big - and yes, I use some of the components of Web 2.0 in my teaching - of course I teach online classes, so..................

                      But I have my students use collaborative docs, podcasts, online grading, etc.  So much more to check out - now, if they would NOT cut that university budget so I can teach again!!!!!