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    A Journey of Hope


      Take a look at the video  featured in the UNESCO Education site listed below.  In just 10 short years the Intel (r) Teach Program is in 40 countries with over 5 million strong and still growing.  The video below will give you goose bumps as you listen to the first hand accounts of teachers, administrators, and students talking about the difference this program has made in their lives.  I can not thank Intel (r) enough for investing in our futures.


      One little stone thrown into a pond can literaly change the entire body of water! 


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          Watching this video brought back memories of when I first was trained in Intel Teach. Like these teachers, I looked for ways to incorporate eLearning into daily instruction. A comment today from one student "Mr. Westbroek, can we keep doing activities like these?" When I reminded him that class was almost over, he said "No, I mean in future classes!" I recognize that not every student may be inclined to learn using technology and pushed further into critical thinking. It appears the majority of my students (about 50% on free & reduced lunch) are thriving by the opportunity to use technology as a learning/teaching tool. Technology cannot and should not replace a teacher. It, however, can be a great tool to help the student become a deeper and more critical thinker. I'm preparing to tweet the video link on Twitter so others can see the importance of ITC in a child's life.


          I look forward to the thoughts and memories of others as you watch this moving video and reflect on how Intel Teach has changed your teaching practices and/or helped your students in their learning process.

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            For me this video reminds me that using technology with students opens up the classroom. We are truly a global society - technology has allowed us to learn so much about the places and people around the world.

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              One little stone indeed!


              I think what is most striking here is how appreciative the teachers and students seem for the opportunity to have the learning environment changed. Technology allows for innovation in almost every aspect of life. In education, the use of technology to deliver content, and its ability to allow others to construct knowledge dynamically changes the educational landscape. What struck me the most about one comment was how a student claimed technology brought color to his learning. Before technology, learning was black and white. I immediately thought of text, like reading a book...and then visualized the teaching with technology tools. How the landscape has changed - from one little stone (and many after it) !


              Let me say this, if I can't be a student in today's day and age, at least I can be a teacher!

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                Linda- thank you so much for sharing the Journey of Hope.  What a compelling true story to share with others as an "essential hook" of why the Teach program works and is a sustained PD for impacting student and teach achievement.  We are currently working in the state of WI to totally infuse the Teach program into all educational technology areas k-12.  This video will now be my new marketing tool to share with my WI technology communty members to set the stage for the 16 EETT grants that need to be implemented over the course of the next year.


                Linda and others~ thank you for planting the seed to put myself in the place for the most potentail to be an agent of change!



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                  Very nice video...

                  after seeing the video and reading comments posted, i would just like to add a thought (I read somewheree) "The One who graduated yesterday and stops learning today will be uneducated by tomorrow............"

                  We are lucky to be a part of this Journey of Hope......Aren't we!



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                    Yes, this is an amazing video - and I would like to update some information: the Intel Teach program actually has trained over 6.2 million teachers in over 50 countries. We have some great video and short stories from many places around the world. It would be great to see any of you (or all of you) on the community share an "Intel Teach" story.............................

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                      Intel Teach has really touched and changed the lives of many teachers and students alike. Getting to learn about the effective use of technology is indeed a ray of hope in schools, especially in rural areas where I have been too. I hope to share some of Pakistan’s success stories here

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                        WOW, I can't believe I missed this video. I can't tell you how many teachers have walked out of my door after training asking, "Why didn't I know about this before?" They can not believe the wealth and quality of information that is available for free. There are many good Intel videos out there but I will definately file this one away for future use as well. Thanks for posting this reasource.