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      Greetings All!  I just completed a Smartboard training this past week at the University level for the educational faculty who train preK-12 grade preservice teachers.  ( Yes I have attached my Smartboard level 1 PDF for all of you to use as well :-) They were looking for a tool to visually brainstorm or build a concept map onto the Smartboard, but did not have access to Kidspiration or Inspiration.  They also wanted somehting quick and easy to use instead of using the Smart tools to build their map.  I introduced them to the online tool of Webspiration.  It is free and you can upload existing files of Inspiration into this online tool.  Why I like it so much is that you can build a brainstorm/concept map online 24/7 and invite other collaborators to build upon your exisiting ideas to create a final product.


      I currently use Webspiration to build my keynote presentions so I can visually see my "big picture" of ideas/thought process, and to see my ideas to make meaningful connections between topic areas and subtopics as well. Here is the Teacher Tube video for your review as well.


      Let me know what you think,


      Naomi Harm

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          Naomi- I was all set to go and try out webspiration and their beta period is closed .

          It is something that I will watch for but I feel a subscription fee is eminent.


          Last year Judi Yost turned me on to Mindomo- http://www.mindomo.com/ this is a free online mapping software- although you can pay a minimal subscription fee for more features.  What is nice is that you can invite others to collaborate via e-mail on various maps with you and I think is something worth checking out.


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              I have used Webspiration for quite some time now. (I was lucky to be an early Beta tester.) Several factors impressed me a lot.

              1. Collaboration was quick and easy to see in either the outline or design mode.
              2. During collaboration, there is a "chat" option which made creating the outline/design interesting as we discussed how and why we wanted to do something a specific way.
              3. The design features seemed "identical" to Inspiration features.


              Now that the beta period is over, I wonder what the cost will be to participate. I'm guessing that any price charged will be more than many schools will want to pay for an on-line tool. I now must play with Mindomo and see how I think it compares to Webspiration and what I was able to do with it. Julia or anyone else who has played a lot, please give me your feedback - perhaps invite me to collaborate with you on a document so I can see the differences.

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                  Sorry did not mean to misguide anyone.  I have been using Webspiration for over a year and just showcased it this past week to a local university, that I thought it was still available.  Wespiration contacted me and several others for PD examples of how we are using it in education, so I did.  It did default to my existing username- sorry I did not realize it came out of Beta- still thought it was free.


                  Thanks Glen for the updates- appreciate your efforts :-) and new site to guide my enery too.



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                      I, too, missed out on the Webspiration Beta.  Robby and I have used www.mindmeister.com and was fairly pleased with it, but I wouldn't call it as robust as Webspiration.

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                          I learned that Webspiration has had a LOT of requests to participate now that the beta time is over. The website has a link allowing you to post your name and email address on it. There is a note "We expect to start taking new accounts in the near future. If you would like to be notified when you can sign up for a Webspiration account, please fill out the form and you will be one of the first to hear!"


                          I have corresponded with Webspiration and told them how much I enjoyed using their product and had compared it to "Inspiration" which I own and use with my students. I got the feeling there will be an opportunity for others to enjoy this on-line product in the near future.

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                    Here is the latest update from Webspiration- it is reopened and ready for use with teachers and students :-)


                    Hi Naomi

                    Thank you for continuing to make Webspiration™ an overwhelming success.

                    We wanted to let you know that we have reopened sign-ups for free beta accounts.

                    If you know others who can benefit from this powerful visual thinking and collaboration tool, encourage them to sign up today at www.mywebspiration.com.

                    Keep the suggestions coming and stay tuned for updates as we continually improve Webspiration.

                    -The Webspiration Team

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                        I got the same message about the re-opening of the Webspiration Beta. It looks and works very similar to Inspiration. The objects you insert look like the same things found in the Inspiration program. I strongly encourage everyone who has not tried it to register for a Beta account. I really enjoy the collaboration option available in it. I have used it with others and like how you can "chat" while using it as well as have multiple people accessing and using the program at the same time! Try it and let me know what you think.

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                        I got into the first beta and now the second beta. And it is well worth playing with for now. I have passed the link on to several others, and they have all thanked me for it--even though I warned that it won't be around for free for much longer. I haven't visited all of these in some time, but here is a list of some open source "mindmapping" sites which I have also recommended based on need, skill level, & etc.


                        FreeMind:       http://freemind.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Main_Page

                        Gimini:           http://gimini.sourceforge.net/

                        IHMC cMap:   http://cmap.ihmc.us/conceptmap.html

                        MAK:             http://mak.sourceforge.net/

                        MyMap:          http://mymap.sourceforge.net/




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                          Hi Naomi,


                          Thanks for this discussion on Webspiration. I just signed up for an account and exploring on the capabilities of this tool. Do we have stories on how teachers use this tool in the classroom


                          thank you



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                            Great news! I just got an email from the Webspiration team. "We've just updated Webspiration to make it even better with the ability to insert graphics, easier access to documents and an improved chat tool. Insert Graphics Now you can insert your own images into Webspiration™ diagrams and outlines."

                            In addition, they have made it possible to Keep a record of document conversations with the improved Chat tool due to "Improved Chat functionality records all chat activity, giving you a complete and permanent history of conversations between document users."


                            This online tool keeps getting better and better. Let me know what you think. I'd also be willing to collaborate with you on a Webspiration document so we can learn together how the collaborative aspect works.

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                                Thanks, Glen.


                                I will introduce Webspiration to a group of teachers during a workshop who are able to use Inspiration in their classrooms, but do not have anything similar to use at home for planning. I am excited to hear about the improvements!

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                                Thanks for sharing your resources with us. I think I am the only TLTC facilitator that only works 9 months, so if you would like to collaborate on something I am game. I have an Essentials MT course starting in July. I am sure you will have about 10 courses going at that time, but let me know if there is something we can work together on.