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    Common Core PD suggestions.

      I am sure many other states are starting to really dig into the new Common Core Standards that will be in place soon.  I am working with the West Central Regional Service Center in Arizona looking for online Professional Development that teachers can take as they start to unwrap the standards.  We have found a couple--In Focus and Achieve the Core.  If you know of any others, would you be willing to share those with us.


      Also, we know that several states have really started digging into this in great detail.  Do you have, or know where we can find what the structure of the test might looks like.  Any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.



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          Hi Neil,


          The sample questions are being written this summer for all of us to view this October.  I know that Kansas is one of the states where these questions are being written as I was asked to be on the team this summer for 8th grade language arts, but declined due to my crazy summer schedule.  As soon as I have the samples, I'm more than glad to share them here.


          From the state level, they are pushing the Elements courses as introductions to Common Core instruction strategies, especially the Project Based Approaches, the Assessments Course, and the Collaboration Course.  These three are excellent to start opening teachers' eyes and lesson plan books to begin making wonderful experiences for their students.