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    Intel Studybook- What Do You Think?


      Greetings Teacher Friends,


      Have you checked out the latest gadget called the Intel Studybook?  This is an amazing android-based tablet or Windows 7 based tablet that is going to rock your world! The word on the street is that they should be selling right around the $200 US dollar mark very soon.  I am including a video of this handy-dandy educational rugged tool for your review below.  I find it fascinating that this tablet can be configured to run either Android or Windows 7, depending on the school district's needs. It is also designed to take a rough wear and tear beating from kids: the plastic, 525-gram (1.2-pound tablet) can withstand 70-centimeter (2.3-foot) drops and has a rubber band reinforcing the bezel to keep sand and other elements out. You'll also find rubber gasket around the ports, which include USB 2.0, HDMI, a headphone jack and microSD / SIM slots. Though it comes standard with 1GB of RAM, the amount of built-in storage will vary from school to school: four to 32 gigs, or a 128 GB SSD.


      Why this is so cool - is because the educational software packages that come pre-installed with this educational tool is that it includes Kno's e-reader app, Adaptive Curriculum supporting digital text books and a SIM environment, as well as the LabCam suite, which lets you do things like attach a special lens (sold separately) to use that rear-facing 2-megapixel camera as a microscope. Here is an Intel video for your full review- check it out and see what you think. Please respond to this post with sharing of your ideas of you would utilize a new Intel StudyTool , book in your classroom with just one, or a classroom set of 5 or an entire classroom set of 20 or more- would love to hear your creative ideas of implementation to enhance student learning!

      Intel® studybook Video

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          Sounds great to me. I read several reviews considering I don't have one to play around with myself, and the reviews are good (here's one: ZDNet).

          I love the probe attachment and microscope lens.



          The one big question I have about any technology roll-out is a plan for maintenance. The cost of the tablets is very reasonable and they appear to be very rugged, but will they come with any kind of extended guarantee?

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              I agree with Eric, the Intel StudyBook looks like a great learning tool.  Also, along with him, I'd most love having my students use the probe attachment and microscope lens--both would offer such increased hands-on learning of material.  I, too, like the StudyBooks appear so rugged and can handle water, dust, drops, etc.


              Great to hear about...but, too, with our budgets---it's tough...


              Thanks for sharing. 

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              Hi Naomi,

              Thanks for sharing.  The INTEL Studybook sounds like an affordable collaborative tool.  Students can work in collaborate groups to document change, research topics, solve inquiry based problems and keep notes during the process.  A class set of five is a great start and can be used to effectively teach strategies to help teachers move in the direction of exploratory/problem based learning.

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                I really like this tool as it can be so useful within a science lab.  Just wondering how many schools will actually purchase this tool.  With the very strained budgets that school districts already have, I'm not sure how many will actually be purchased by them.  I'm sure the students will love this tool and if it's within their price range, they will purchase and  I'm sure they will even find even more uses for the studybook.


                The positive is that it's water resistant and also its ruggedization.  I like the fact that there is a usb port and that it can be used as a time lapse camera or even a microscope.


                The biggest concern is will the teachers open their arms to allow this tool within their classroom or will they hesitate because it's something new.  Many teachers need to be trained first in order to really see the benefits.  Will there be training?  Maybe the students could be the ones who train the teachers in the use of this technology tool.

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                  I too have heard great things about this tool.  I teach at a Charter School and I cannot afford it, but I will take another look at it.  I wonder if grants will be available.